Monday, November 26, 2012

Prom 25/11/12.

Prom was awesome I must say :) Everyone looked great and we enjoyed ourselves. Let the pictures do the talking !

I will add more when I get more pictures ! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012


Wanted to blog yesterday... but was too tired. hahaha. So last friday, after work, went to meet my cousin and friends for fishing(at 3am). At bishan park LOL

Was with my cousin, twins, Bao Qiang and Zongxian. 6 Crazy people started fishing near the road....

Ah seng trying to catch the fish.

Then we went even more crazy. As if getting warned by the Cisco once wasn't enough. We decided to venture in the canal. Shit started when 2 big size people were having trouble trying to climb over the fence!

In the canal. Waiting for catfish.

After several attempts, Bao Qiang managed to catch it !

And then.... we had a huge problem. We wanted to free the fish go. But we were having difficulties trying to unhook the fish(because the whiskers of a cat fish is poisonous) So we tried to use a stick and remove the hook....

It was set free in the end.

I really dunno when's the last time I had so much fun. Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear.

Then worked started againnnnnn. Boooooo, work later. then Off on Tuesday! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello people!

Hello people! sorry for not updating. I don't know who's reading the blog anyway haha. Hmmm. This few days have been busy with work.... well. I kinda enjoy it actually. Maybe its just me..... but I like to get busy haha. Did I mention that my colleague are really nice? Though there's abit of age gap but they are still nice people hahaha.

Oh well... Of course in retail line there's fucked up customers who wants to try everything and not buy anything _l_-_-_l_. but what can you do? LL lor.

Oh well anyway, today is my off day! so went shopping around with Junliang Marcus CJ and Gabriel. shop around bugis then town area then bugis then bishan hahaha. I bought all my stuff already! :D Junliang got a top w/ me and Gabriel got himself a pants. Still gottta do something about the pants tho... hmmm. I feel bad for CJ cause he haven't bought anything or see anything he likes today yet he spent his whole day out with us walking around.... >____>

Shall end here today. Gonna be a long day tmr. 11 hours of work! bye guys! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"O" Levels.

So for the 4 years I am preparing for this "O" levels in secondary school... and I am glad to say, it finally ended for me! :D 8/11/12, last paper is OVERRRRR. I wouldn't say it was quick nor slow...(though I was complaining time was passing so slowly before the 8th HAHA) 

The last paper was fine...I guess? everyone had different answers though. so yeah... dunno whats gonna be the result. But oh well, its time for me to get busy again... work starts tmr @ 11. hope everything goes well...
I think people find me weird for finding job so quickly since most of them wanted to rest or play awhile after Os. Its not like I don't want to, but I just can't stand staying at home with nothing to do, especially when I don't play computer games. Anyway, come find me for lunch or dinner when you guys can!! :) 

After today's paper went to pierce ear! Since not much people come here anyway, here it is! :D
well, it wasn't that painful :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't know what to blog.

Hmmm. Always wanted to do a proper blog post but don't know what to post. Hardly anyone comes here anyway. But oh well, since my biggest event recently was that I have graduated from Beatty and the "O" levels. Shall blog something about it. :)

So... entered Beatty in 2009... still that blur kid who don't really know anything. Honestly I can't remember much things in sec 1... except of course, my crush. HAHAHA. But yes, still manage to make a few friends here and there. Overall, it wasn't really that bad. It passed rather quickly :)

Promoted to Sec 2, with the same classmates. Oh, Sec 1&2 I hang around with kevin they all. They are kinda like the first few friends I made in beatty. HAHA. Though I don't really hang out w/ them anymore. Kevin was still the source of laughter for history class! Sec 2 was probably a turning point for me. Started to hang out w my cousins and all...(knew them since P5. but haven't really been talking). It was not the where they come teach me bad stuff and do illegal shit and get into deep trouble like you seen on the TV though. In fact, I am thankful for them that they exposed me to a side of a society which most of you will not see. End of year came and poof, we are separated to different classes. (oh btw, sec 2 camp sucks. I don't think anyone would want to mention it)

Promoted to 3E4. Starting of the year was damn good. Due to the PSLs ! Had fun and talks w the seniors :) really missed the times. Then the sec 3 camp! hahaha, it was awesome! :) Sec 3 was another crucial year for my CCA. where cadets becomes leader. Honestly I would rather be a cadet than leader... But still, managed to step up as a CCA no.2. It was super busyyy. and my grades are like... WTF. 2011 was another year when I got into serious shit with the fire extinguisher incident. So it was like scissors paper stone and loser press the extinguisher. I lost. tadah! Was with singh(he wanted to call the police HAHA) for half a day and I was thinking shit. Its probably the end of my school life. In the end Tanny Ho took over the case and it ended with a simple CIP work with Deepag trying to drift a air conditioner that cost $3000. Sec 3 year end was fucking hell I swear. Its probably the worst time I ever had in the year due to the PDS competition.

Promoted to 4E4. Sec 4 was a year with a lot of mixed feelings. The year when I had fun, anger, hell and sadness. At the same time, I learnt many lessons on the way. Year start was hell. Cause trainings continued from the PDS competition. Total living hell. Relief finally came after the competitions. Then it came Annual Awards. Fortunately Burhan took charge this time. I would have died if I took charge again. Then sec 4 passed with a blink of an eye... mid years... POP... prelims...Graduation. I thought I would look forward for Graduation. However when it came, I kinda dreaded it, cause it meant separation. Oh well, graduation passed and here comes the "O" levels. Its almost over, I am left with one paper! :)

I shall make dedications for some people too! :)

-Chuan Jian, Jordan, Jun Liang, Bernard, Jie Rui, Marcus.
Sorry that I have to group y'all together! If I make it individual I will probably blog till morning HAHA. Don't think anyone of you will see this anyway. Being classmates with y'all was good. Without you guys, I don't think I can survive in 4E4. HAHA. Thanks guys. Hope we will have time to hang out together again :)

Gym buddy! Sometimes I really think we are thinking really alike. And i do miss the sec 2 times hahaha, nothing much to say about you tho. Still my gym buddy!

HAHA. I didn't really talk to you till this year. Gotta admit you are a awesome dude man hahaha.. Must continue to eat dinner at lor 8 ok!!. Stay awesome dude !!

-The big 2E4'10 clique.
It will take very long to list everyone here... This are the people who I had fun in year end sec 3 and sec 4. hahaha. Though sometimes I do feel a bit out of place. But it never fails to bring fun and laughter in my life x)

Hmmmm... what should I say about this. HAHA. I think shared a very unique friendship w you. One that goes through a lot of ups and down, like a roller coaster. But there's just...something that makes me not wanting to give up the friendship when it gets bad. Nevertheless, I have learnt many things from you and you are indeed a very very nice friend. (:

客套话就不用说了! HAHAHA. Actually this is someone who I disturb quite a lot on MSN and we share a lot of chinese songs w each other :D. Sometimes I do share my problems w her, and she don't judge. Just listen. So back to her. 如果你有难过的事,说出来会好一点的(Not asking you to tell me, but you want 也可以) HAHAHA.

Okay I shall end here. So if your name is not mentioned, I AM SO SORRY.
Some pictures !

 the 2E4'10 clique. Though I don't come from 2E4'10 :)
I know look abit 傻 here...

Shall end of my blogspot here. 2.07am. Nights people! :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Short post

Hmmm, so I decided to come back blogging. Had some changes with my blog. Gonna update soon(perhaps tonight). Bye peeps! :)